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Offering thermal vacuum forming, silicone & resin casting, centrifugal casting & 3D printing services

Newnak's Plastics LLC

Silicone Resin Wholesalers & Distributors

Newnak's Plastics LLC is a leading plastic manufacturing company serving clients nationwide. We are a family-owned and operated business with exclusive manufacturing skills to provide you with the best plastic materials.

Our Services

  • Silicone mold making
  • Resin casting
  • Thermal vacuum forming
  • Centrifugal casting
  • Quality 3D printing
centrifugal casting

Flexible & Experienced

Newnak's Plastics LLC has been providing custom plastic molding solutions since 2010. We go above and beyond while manufacturing molded silicone, polyester, urethane, ABS, and styrene, maintaining a flexible schedule. No job is too big or too small, and our experts give their best efforts to exceed your expectations. Contact us today for your manufacturing needs!